Huawei P50 Pro Specifications Details and Best Advantages

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The quality in the specifications of the Huawei P50 Pro is a topic of discussion for smartphone lovers . Moreover, previously the release had been delayed.

The appearance is quite charming because it emphasizes luxurious visuals. In fact, the P series prioritizes the advantages of clear camera features. It’s natural that the latest product releases also improve the camera section.

Apart from that, the appearance of the camera lens basically looks more prominent. The impression is superior, thus enhancing the charming advantages of the camera. Even so, the actual advantages in terms of specifications are quite complete.

You will find many advantages ranging from fierce performance to unique design support. Including support for the best current camera features. If you are interested in getting it, make sure you know the complete specification details.

Advantages of Huawei P50 Pro Specifications with Great Performance

Huawei offers advantages that exceed the hopes and dreams of its users. Especially because of the combination of chipset, screen and other additional features. Here are some of the best and most advanced specifications from Huawei:


One of the most prominent specifications of the Huawei P50 Pro is the use of a chipset. In fact, it presents the most powerful chipset with two different options. You can use Snapdragon or Kirin 9000 as you wish.

It turns out that the quality is equally good because it supports strong performance. Even if you use it for heavy activities, it’s not a problem. Moreover, it has 8GB RAM, ensuring its performance is even more impressive.

Don’t forget that there is storage media with high capacity. You can choose a capacity of 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB according to your needs. This means ensuring that capabilities and performance remain optimal with each choice.

Seamless OLED Screen

This product uses a 6.6 inch screen with settings that depict the real world to the maximum. It even supports 120Hz screen refresh with a sampling rate of 300Hz. The viewing experience feels smoother.

Support for an OLED screen is the main advantage of this flagship screen. The activity of swiping the screen is also maximized when scrolling social media. When you use it for daily activities, it also feels comfortable.

Fast Charging feature

If we discuss the specifications of the Huawei P50 Pro, the battery capacity is no less superior. Moreover, it offers a 4,360 mAh battery with a 66W fast charging feature with a cable. But it supports wireless charging for 50W.

This capacity actually ensures that its durability is good enough. Even if you use it for a long time, it won’t decrease too quickly. Moreover, you can immediately charge the battery fully using fast charging.

Huawei P50 Pro Supports Unique Premium Design

One of the superior qualities of this product is the premium design. It definitely differentiates its visuals from the flagship in its class. This is able to attract attention considering its different and original appearance.

Based on the specifications of the Huawei P50 Pro, a classy premium design appears. But it’s actually quite light because it has anti-mainstream camera visuals. This display is called True Form Dual Matrix Camera.

Of course, you don’t just rely on a beautiful appearance but rather balance the capabilities of the lens. In the sense that it was deliberately designed to support camera performance. Don’t be surprised if you are satisfied after seeing the visuals and the results of the shots.

Another advantage of this smartphone design is IP68 certification. This means maximum resistance to dust and water is guaranteed. Of course it can reduce the risk of use or damage due to dust and water.

Its durability is considered good because the design is made using high durability. The geometric design has been designed to be simpler than previous releases. It even makes the camera’s eyes shine and dazzle.

In the Huawei P50 Pro specifications, these are the points that make users feel confident. Moreover, it has succeeded in breaking out of the current mainstream design charts. Of course, dare to create your own design so that you prioritize uniqueness.

Not to mention that it is lighter in weight so it is easier and more comfortable to hold. Even though the screen is lighter and the battery capacity is large, it is not heavy. It’s even lighter when comparing the previous generation.

Huawei’s Advanced Camera Produces Clear Images

The sophistication in the specifications of the Huawei P50 Pro cannot be ignored because it supports the best camera. In fact, it is full of quality features so that it is the best. Certainly successful in beating the quality of many other brands.

Those of you who enjoy photography and videography activities can rely on it. Moreover, it has high resolution and is full of advanced features. Huawei itself decided to add four rear cameras.

The resolution of the main camera is 50MP which produces clear images. Support for a 64MP telephoto lens, 40MP B/W lens up to a 13MP ultrawide lens also helps. The quality of the shots and videos is very good.

Even if you compare it with other camera lenses, it can be said to be the best. Dual-Matrix cameras are great because they put quality first. XD optics also empowers increasingly clear smartphone photography.

The quality of the Huawei P50 Pro specifications is better than the HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro. The improvement in image detail reproduction turns out to be more comprehensive. Not to mention that the main camera matrix shows colorful shots.

Not only that, the telephoto camera matrix used can capture extraordinary clarity. This means it can provide beautiful results both from a distance and up close. Moreover, it has a light sensing system.

The P3 color gamut adjustment turns out to be even wider because it includes more than 2,000 colors. Of course it’s easy to produce real colors like the original. If you want to create your favorite look, you can do it more easily.

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