Price for Realme GT Pro 2, specifications and advantages

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Moreover, in terms of design it is also very innovative, looks different, ergonomic, but still stylish . Likewise if you look at other aspects such as processor, screen, camera, UI, OS, and so on.

When compared with other cellphones in the same class, of course this cellphone really deserves to be one of the choices. Therefore, if you are interested in this affordable flagship gadget , you should first get to know the complete specifications and their advantages.

Following are the price details for the Realme GT Pro 2, specifications and other advantages.

There are many reasons why the Realme GT Pro 2 has a lot of interest among Android smartphone fans . Starting from the price aspect, complete specifications, to design, here are the details of the advantages.

Price for Realme GT Pro 2

Even though the Realme GT Pro 2 is a flagship class cellphone, the price is quite affordable for a product with high specifications. That is, this phone can be an alternative for those who want to have a high-end cellphone but are constrained by a budget.

In several e-commerce sites, the price for the Realme GT Pro 2 ranges from 599$ to 950$. However, if you want to buy the cellphone officially through the official Realme website, the listed price is 700$, obviously still very affordable.


Realme GT Pro 2 comes with a 6.7 inch Super Reality Display screen with 2K resolution. This screen is also fully protected with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protection.

In its official statement, the Realme GT Pro 2 is listed as having a 2K Super Reality Display screen with LTPO 2.0. Thus, it is capable of producing a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz Adaptive LTPO refresh rate , and touch samples can increase up to 1000Hz.


With the affordable price of the Realme GT Pro 2 for the flagship class , the camera performance is also very promising. This phone has a total of three rear cameras and one selfie camera.

The selfie camera on the Realme GT Pro 2 also has a 32MP resolution. While on the back there is a 50 MP Sony IMX 766 main lens with OIS, a larger 40x macro lens, and a 50MP ultra wide angle lens.


The battery life is also not half-hearted, with a 5000mAh capacity battery which according to Realme is capable of streaming videos for up to 21 hours. Apart from that, this phone also supports SuperDat 65W fast charging, it only takes 33 minutes to fully charge.

Other Additional Features

With the price of the Realme GT Pro 2 which is affordable in the premium category, all of its features are also quite complete. One of them is that this phone is complete with an NFC scanning feature that can now be applied to every smartphone.

Apart from that, this phone also has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and Stainless Steel Vapor Cooling Max to maintain consistent fast performance when multitasking. Meanwhile, the RAM and ROM capacity of the Realme GT Pro 2 is 12GB + 256GB.

Body Design

Realme GT Pro 2 is one of the newest smartphones with a very attractive body design. For the design, Realme collaborated with world-renowned industrial product designer Naoto Fukasawa to design a paper-inspired appearance.

Even though the price of the Realme GT Pro 2 is affordable, it already uses biopolymer materials that make it different from other flagship smartphones. This makes the back surface really feel like paper with a smooth texture all over the body.

In addition, the biopolymer material makes my smartphone’s body not feel slippery so it is more stable when held in the hand even with one hand. The body is freer from fingerprints, smudges and fine scratches.

Apart from that, what makes the body design of the Realme GT Pro 2 even more interesting is that the body can really be scribbled with a pencil like writing on real paper. However, don’t worry because with just an eraser, the body will be pure white again.

With the price of the Realme GT Pro 2 of 599$, available in 2 attractive colors, namely paper white and steel black. There is also a signature engraving using a laser on the body, making it look more premium.

Other Designs

If you look from behind, the camera module of this phone still adopts a design similar to its predecessor, the GT Neo2. There are two large camera circles, with a small circle and two LED flashes that surround it.

At the bottom of the camera module, there is the inscription “Dual 50MP Matrix OIS Camera” to show the advantages of the camera. Meanwhile, on the front, there is a small camera hole in the upper left corner of the screen.

The bezel around the screen is also much thinner and more symmetrical. This design provides a maximum visual experience, especially because the screen panel is high tech. It is even more complete with volume and power buttons which are comfortable and easy to use.

Equipped with Realme UI 3.0 Based on Android 12

In addition to the affordable price of the Realme GT Pro 2 in its class, the operating system is also fairly up-to-date. Because this phone already comes with the Android 12 operating system and the latest manufacturer interface, namely Realme UI 3.0.

This new UI features a more minimalist and simple design compared to the previous version. Even so, the customization features are very complete, allowing users to customize the appearance of the smartphone according to their individual tastes and needs.

On the Personalizations menu, users can change the wallpaper, choose a UI color, change the font size, and set the fingerprint sensor animation. There are also several color template choices, as well as the option to set your own colors through the Custom menu.

Apart from that, there is also an always-on display feature to display the portrait silhouette template. This feature can turn portrait photos into silhouettes and appear automatically when the screen turns off.

In Android 12, users can restrict access to the camera or microphone by simply changing a special toggle on the App Permissions menu. The OS will also notify the user when an app can read messages, posts, or clipboard images.

With specifications, design, features and increased privacy, this phone offers a better user experience. Moreover, because the price of the Realme GT Pro 2 is affordable in the flagship category, it is very worthy of being one of the choices.

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