Samsung S22 Plus : Specifications, Price, Pros & Cons

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The Samsung S22 Plus is still worth having for users who want a high-quality cellphone. Check the specifications, prices, advantages and disadvantages so you don’t regret it.

The Galaxy S22 Plus is indeed still the target of many people because of the specifications that are no joke. The successor of the S21 Plus also comes with a number of better quality components than before.

Unfortunately, every product introduced by Samsung is not completely perfect. There are several advantages and disadvantages that exist in their production device.

In this case, Primaradio will review the specifications, advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung S22 Plus. Also find out the full specifications below.

Samsung S22 Plus Specifications

  • Dimensions
    Thickness 7.6 mm

  • Weight
    196 grams

  • Screen
    6.6 inch Dyanamic AMOLED 2x

  • FHD
    Plus Resolution, Refresh rate up to 120 Hz, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus

  • Chipsets
    Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4nm) CPU Octa Core clockspeed 3 GHz Andreno 730

  • Android
    12, One UI 4.1

  • Memory
    8 GB/128 GB & 8 GB/256 GB

  • Sim
    Dual SIM

  • Rear camera
    50 MP (main), 12 MP (ultrawide), 10 MP (telephoto)

  • Front camera
    10 MP

  • Battery
    4500mAh Fast charging 45W

  • Feature
    NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB type C, fingerprint, konektivitas 5G

  • Color
    phantom white, phantom black, green, juga pink goldThe

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Samsung S22 Plus


There are several advantages of the Samsung S22 Plus that make it able to compete with rivals in the same class and price. Starting from design, camera capabilities, to engine performance, the S22 series appears qualified.

No wonder this phone is the target of many people. The following is a complete explanation of the advantages of the Samsung S22 Plus.

Attractive Design

Samsung designed the S22 Plus series with an attractive design. This phone has a firm impression thanks to its flat back design. Even so, the back side already uses a material in the form of a tough Corning Gorilla Glass Victus +. The glass also appears on the front to protect the screen so it lasts longer.

In terms of size, the S22 Plus has a slim thickness of 7.6 mm making it comfortable to hold in the hand. In addition, the weight is still quite slim, which is 195 grams. That way, this device can be comfortably carried anywhere.

Since its initial release, many gadget reviewers have praised the size offered by the Samsung S22 Plus. The reason is that apart from the appearance that looks simple but attractive, Samsung also presents a capable build quality. Even Peter Kostadinov from Phone Arena said that the Galaxy S22 Plus feels solid in the hand.

The South Korean company also does not forget to provide additional protection in the form of IP68 certification which is water and dust resistant. The S22 Plus cellphone comes in four color options that can be chosen according to taste. Available in Phantom White, Phantom Black, Green and Pink Gold colors.

Clear Screen

The next advantage of the Samsung S22 Plus is related to its clear screen. This is thanks to the 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x panel. Not to mention the FHD+ resolution and pixel density of up to 393ppi makes the display of this Samsung smartphone pleasing to the eye.

To increase comfort, Samsung then provides a refresh rate technology of up to 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of up to 240 Hz to make the screen smooth and responsive when used for scrolling or playing games.

Actually, if we trace it again, the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus screen are not much different from its predecessor, namely the Galaxy S21 Plus. It’s just that the S22 Plus series has received a technological injection in the form of Vision Booster to increase the screen brightness level to a higher level.

Not to forget, this technology is also claimed to be able to improve color temperature, contrast, and so on so that it can better match the ambient lighting and provide accurate and natural image colors. In short, Vision Booster is similar to True Tone on the iPhone.

Not enough, the S21 Plus successor screen also has HDR10+ and Widevine L1 technology to play videos in FHD Plus resolution.


Cameras are often the sector that is favored by flagship HP. This is because many smartphone vendors present high-resolution cameras on high-end cellphones, including the Samsung S22 Plus.

Even though the resolution of the main lens on this device does not reach 100s, its power of up to 50 MP makes the shots look better than its predecessor, the Galaxy S21 Plus.

This is because the S21 Plus has a main lens with a resolution of 12 MP. Moreover, the main camera of the Samsung S22 Plus is also complete with autofocus and OIS stability features.

Unfortunately, Samsung lowered the configuration of the telephoto camera to 10 MP from the previous 64 MP. Even so, the magnification ability increases to 3x and also has autofocus and OIS features. The camera on this phone also supports various photography modes.

In the test results, the photos from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus camera have a detailed picture. The colors even look accurate. When used to record video, the quality is still good.

Qualified Performance

The Asean version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus carries the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset with a 4nm architecture. The chipset is combined with a CPU with a speed of 3 GHz and GPU Adreno 730.

Actually, the chipset that carries the Galaxy S22 Plus is well-known for being fierce, but to make it even more reliable, there is ample memory available, namely 8GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB.

The combination of components in the kitchen runway makes this Samsung flagship phone get an Antutu score of around 812 thousand. This marks a good performance. It will even still feel smooth when used to play games.

Reliable Battery

Samsung provides a battery with a power capacity of 4500 mAh. In fact, if you look at its capacity compared to its predecessor, Samsung has reduced the size of the battery power on the Galaxy S22 Plus.

However, the performance was still good. It can even last longer than the S21 Plus in terms of power management.

Meanwhile, this battery also has a 45W fast charging feature. The battery can be fully charged in 75 minutes.

Stereo Audio

This Samsung S series has high-quality stereo speakers. Even the audio component has received Dolby Atmos technology so that it can produce clear and loud sound.

Apart from audio, the Samsung S22 also features a better vibration motor than its predecessor and feels more functional.


Meanwhile, Samsung also does not deny that its products have some drawbacks. Here’s the complete list.

Have Throtting and Shutter Symptoms

Throttling and shutter issues are common on flagship phones that aren’t designed to play games. Throtting, also known as decreased performance, can occur when the phone is used for a long time and the workload increases.

Not only that, the Galaxy S22 Plus also has a problem in the form of a stutter when fast scrolling. However, this problem can be resolved by regularly updating the software.

Less natural photo results

Currently, various mobile phone vendors often embed AI technology in their product camera sector. Usually the technology is to beautify the results of the photo. Unfortunately not infrequently, this feature produces shots that are less natural. Especially when taking pictures using in low light conditions.

Apart from that, setting the dynamic range also sometimes makes the shots lose detail, especially in bright areas. Even using the Auto HDR feature doesn’t help solve the problem either.

Price of Samsung S22 Plus

The Galaxy S22 Plus was released for the first time at a high price, starting from 1000$. This is reasonable considering that this cellphone is a contemporary smartphone. Moreover, this Samsung device is also a flagship series that costs tens of millions.

But now the price has dropped drastically. On the old official website, this cellphone comes with a price offer starting from 1000$ for the lowest variant.

Purchases can be made through the website, marketplace, or come directly to Samsung outlets

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